Emotions in Mask


February 19, 2023

8:30 pm


Leave reality behind… let yourself be carried away by masks and the new identity they can give you, let yourself be carried away by the enchanted atmosphere of a Venetian palazzo richly adorned with scenography and decorations.

Guests will be pampered from the opening aperitif, surrounded by a frenetic team of exotic dances, songs, mythological figures, acrobatics and comedies. Then up to the Noble Floor and the Gala Dinner. A candlelight setting, enlivened by contemporary and historical live music, plus the animations of the Comici dell’Arte, under the direction of your host Casanova, who will lead you through the heart of the magical atmosphere that is Mascheranda.

Throughout the evening, music, fantasy and entertainment will frame the enchantment that will continue with “The Election of the Casanova 2023”, the School of Historical Dance, the “Frame of Wonders”, “Le Boudoir – the Enchantment of the Senses”, and the corner of Astrology. All surrounded by suggestive performances, surprises and fun, the Grand Ballo Mascheranda will provide you the experience for the many past glories of Venezia – La Serenissima .




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Watch video:

” …un’esperienza indimenticabile e irripetibile…”

NYCVE Italian American Magazine, Febbraio 2007