Dear Sirs, for travellers who enjoy discovering the very best that Venice has to offer, Tragicomica presents for next edition of Venetian Carnival :


Emotions in Mask

Palazzo Pisani Moretta

Sunday the 23rd of February 2020


In the magical night of the Carnival of 2020 , candlelight in the most charming Palace of Venice, facing the Grand Canal, among precious scenes and the 18th frescos, you’ll be the welcome guests at the Mask Ball Mascheranda.

At the arrival in the Main Saloon richly decorated a mysterious aperitif will be served delighted by surprising artistic performances.

The Masked Guests will then be invited to go upstairs, where, lodged in the Guarana, Longhi and Tiepolo Saloons and in all the others of the Noble-Floor, a grand traditional Gala Dinner will be served , with a live classical music performance.
Casanova with The Dancers, the Comici dell’Arte entertainments with The Wonder Frames and many others will delight the guests.

During and all along the evening, music, fantasy, entertainments, colour and warmth, will be the frame for the magic of the party going on with the Casanova of the Year Election and the School of Historical Dances with the Master of Ceremony, the Boudoir Enchanting the Senses, the Dancers and the great Mask Ball in the Main Saloons with surprises and games based on the theme of the Party.
Open Bar available for the guests .



  • €500,00 per person ( table seats in all the Saloons of the 1st floor )
  • €900,00 per person ( table seats in the Main Guarana Saloon of the 1st floor ) to see the Saloons disposition.

Entry at 11.30PM € 250,00 per person.
Cancellation fees: 50% within the 9th of December 2019; 100% from the 10th of December 2019.


A 10% discount on the netto prices will be applied for the rental of our handmade Costumes with all related accessories by our clients participating at Mascheranda. A catalogue of our production is available in our web-site: